Monday, April 25, 2022

Questions to Ask When Buying a House

 When was this house built? 
 Do you know who the builder is/was? 
 How old is the roof? Has it ever been replaced? 
 Have stray shingles ever fallen to the ground? If so, when? 
 How old is the hot water heater? Brand? Any evidence of leaking around the hot water heater? 
 How old is the HVAC system? Brand? Any recent repairs? 
 Is there any water damage around the doors or windows? 
 Are there cracks in the garage and/or driveway? 
 Is the sheetrock tape separating from the wall? 
 Is there water damage on the walls or ceiling? 
 Is the pipe from the hot water heater into the house made of copper? 
 Is there a water pressure regulator anywhere on the plumbing? What is the present water pressure? 
 Are there any leaks under the sinks? 
 Do the ceiling fans squeak? 
 Are all lights in working order? 
 Check all light/ceiling fan switches and GFCI outlets. Are there any dead switches? If so, what did they originally power up? 
 If applicable, listen to the garbage disposal to see if it runs smoothly. 
 Check all drains to see if they are clear and clean. If drains are slow, ask why? 
 Turn on faucets to their wide-open position to check for pressure or debris in the water. If you hear squealing when turning them off, there may be a pressure issue. 
 Do you see mold or mildew in the bathrooms, especially around caulked areas and tile? 
 Check for hard water build up around faucets and in toilets. 
 Flush toilets to make sure they empty and refill normally. 
 Notice any water damage around toilets. 
 Check the caulking around the base of the toilets to see if they are stabilized. 
 Are pipes under sinks sealed around the openings in the walls/cabinets? 
 Are there gaps in the flooring around fixtures or appliances? 
 Are all floors and baseboards free of gaps? 
 Do the windows open, close, and lock easily? Are they clean? 
 Is there any damage to the walls? Make sure all holes are sealed after walls are emptied.  Check behind the washer and dryer area to see if there is mold or mildew or the sheetrock is softened. This indicates a leak. 
If there is a septic tank, ask for the date of the last clean-out.
 Do the sellers smoke or allow smoking in their home? 
 Are the yard and outbuilding areas free of debris and mold or mildew? 
 Are there any recent repairs that the new owners should be aware of? Is there paperwork/warranty on these repairs to be given to the new owners? 
 Are all downspouts and extensions positioned away from the house? 
 Has there ever been termite damage? 
 Has the house ever flooded? 
 Ask what internet companies are available in the area. 
 If there is carpet, walk the room to make sure the floor feels level. 
 If you are having any painting done, require the painter to prime first. 
 Before moving in have professional cleaners clean the house from top to bottom, including the garage, appliances, lights, and ceiling fans.

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