Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Home Practice #5

Lie down on a mat or towel on the stomach, stack the forearms and allow the forehead to rest on the stacked forearms.  

Stabilize the lower spine by gently pressing the pelvis into the floor and squeezing the gluteal muscles (the buttocks) together.  

Keep the upper body as relaxed as possible.  

Lift the right leg one or two inches from the floor.  Inhale and make the leg longer by stretching from the hip joint; exhale and hold the leg in this new length.  

Inhale and extend the leg longer; exhale and hold the leg in this newer length.  

Inhale and make the leg even longer; exhale, hold in new length; inhale lengthen the leg more; then exhale and relax the leg to the floor.  

Take a deep breath and relax.  

Set up the lower spine and repeat for the left leg.  

After a deep breath, roll over onto the spine and bring the knees into the chest, hugging the knees or the backs of the thighs to feel the lower back stretching.  Take six deep breaths, relaxing the abdominal muscles with each breath, deepening the stretch in the back.  

Release the knees, letting the feet come to the floor.  Knees can stay bent, or they can extend.  Relax, close the eyes for one minute or more, letting the exhale soften the body with each breath

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