Monday, January 8, 2024

Hatha Yoga and Mellow Yoga

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Beginners are welcome to all classes listed below.
Please Note:  All times Central

Hatha Yoga
Monday @ 4:30 pm
Wednesday @ 9:00 am

Mellow Yoga*
Thursday @ 9:00 am
Saturday @ 9:00 am

*Mellow Yoga is for folks who prefer their Hatha Yoga without Sun Salutation or a full Standing Practice.  Most classes will begin seated or reclined with traditional poses modified on the knees, abdomen, or reclining. Classes may include short standing practices.  (If you are unable to be on the hands and knees, though, many Chair Yoga classes with a qualified teacher are offered online.)

What to expect in class. . . .
The classes I teach are based upon my training in Integral Yoga®. The Integral Yoga® model was developed by Sri Swami Satchidananda and consists of warm-ups, the Sun Salutation, backward bending poses, forward bending poses, inversions, twists, standing balance, deep relaxation, and breathing, and is appropriate for the beginner as well as for those who are familiar to yoga. My approach to teaching yoga logically sequences up the body from the feet to full standing and balancing in twelve distinct classes, bringing awareness to alignment by focusing on areas of the body for each class. A participant may enter the sequence at any time. Students deepen their understanding of seemingly insignificant parts of the body as they relate to gravity, standing, and balancing. All of my classes include a brief Yoga Nidra, deep, progressive relaxation of the body. At the most basic level you will be introduced to your body in a whole new way, and you might be surprised by just what your body is willing to do.


Anonymous said...

India, I did yoga with you over 12 years ago on Rocky Ridge! I loved it but my knees failed me, I have two shiny new knees and need chair yoga. Hope we can reconnect.

Anonymous said...

Virginia Jones